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Annual Lawn Care Programmes

When you join Lawn Solutions, we create a lawn care program unique for your individual lawn.

Our treatments are seasonal and range from feed and weeds to scarification and aeration to name a few...


March is when our minds start turning to the garden. The trouble is that spring is very unpredictable. If the weather begins to improve, soil temperatures start to rise and the grass starts to grow.

At Lawn Solutions, our year begins in March. This is when we begin our main treatments of renovation scarification, feed and weed and moss control.


As the ground temperature begins to rise, this is a great time to be scarifying, especially if your lawn requires a 'renovation scarification' (Heavy thatch and moss control).

A good early scarification can give your lawn plenty of time to recover before summer arrives.

Feed and weed:

If we scarify your lawn in the Spring, we then apply a good balanced feed afterwards. This allows the new grasses to flourish once all that moss and debris have gone. As the weather gets warmer, weeds can begin to grow. This is when we will start applying selective herbicides if necessary.

Moss Control

After either a renovation or maintenance scarification, we find this the perfect opportunity to apply a moss treatment. We complete this AFTER the scarification so that the moss killer can kill the moss plants at the base of the sward.



 Our summer season begins in late May or early June.  Our summer season depending primarily on what happens during the Spring season.

After we have scarified your lawns and they have recovered, grass growth during this season should be at an optimum rate, flowers are beginning to pop up- and the late spring/early summer garden swings into life.

We will then start applying your summer feed and weed now as part of your annual lawn care program.

With our summer feed we avoid using feeds with high iron content  as these products can scorch the grass when conditions are dry.

Weeds will be enjoying the warming temperatures and sunshine, so we will continue to apply selective herbicides treating more resistant type weeds.



Similar to spring, depending on when in the year you choose to join us, this is also a time of the year when we're able to start renovating your lawn.

Our Autumn season starts in September.



Along with a winter feed, this is when we begin our aeration program.

We tend to start our winter feeds in December but again, adjust timings according to preceeding weather patterns.

Aeration involves perforating the soil with small holes to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. This helps the roots grow deeply into the soil and produce a healthier, stronger lawn.


If you are interested in a quote please contact us today and we will be happy to discuss any  requirements and answer any questions