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The intelligent choice when quality matters.

Lawn Solutions is one of the highest-ranking independent lawn care and consultancy companies and an industry leader in its sustainable and organic approach to modern lawn care. 

We are owned and operated by the UK's leading lawn care expert, David Hedges-Gower. Chairman of the Lawn Association, a National Trust lawn advisor and RHS lecturer. David has over 40 years of turf care at the highest level.  


Why choose us?

We guarantee the best level of service and expertise

1.  Our staff are trained to the highest standard and receive continuous personal development training throughout their employment. 

2.  We  only use the most efficient and environmentally friendly techniques within the industry. We use fully organic fertilisers and will never use polymer coated products that embed micro-plastics into your lawn. 

3. Your service is tailored to your requirements, we understand that every lawn is different and our actions and advice will mirror your needs. 

4. Our service will only evolve throughout your commitment to us as a company. If you choose to look after your own lawn in the future, we will be there to encourage, advise and support you or your gardeners. 


Our First Class Service

It takes true craftmanship in the industry to do what we do. 

We offer a free no-obligation visit to analyse your lawn and gain a better understanding of what you and the lawn require. You will receive a detailed follow-up report outlining the lawns problems, recommendations and remedies based on your individual needs. 

We understand the importance of privacy and when you put your trust in us we feel it's crucial for you to have your own dedicated lawn technician. They will get to know your lawn as if it was their own and alter your program if necessary.


Our overall goal is to create the lawn that you require, whether that be your garden lawn or a croquet lawn. 


41 years of


We have the knowledge, skill, experience and dedication that your lawn needs

What makes us different?

We have been in the lawn care industry for 40+ years and unfortunately the industry isn't regulated. What does this mean? It means that anyone can call themselves and expert, regardless of experience. Most operatives lack basic knowledge and hands-on training and the majority of companies do the same thing to every lawn, ignorant to each lawns individual needs. 

Did you know we train other companies that understand the importance for correct training and knowledge? 

We are a proud sponsor for The Lawn Association, the new benchmark in qualified professional lawn care training. The Chairman of the association is none other that our company owner, David Hedges-Gower

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