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When our lawns are poorly maintained due to lack of knowledge, resources and time, it can get a bit frustrating when we look out on the main feature in our gardens.

At Lawn Solutions we take all the hassle away and do everything for you.

We create a lawn care program specifically for your individual lawn that will turn the most neglected or problematic lawn into a healthy and stunning outdoor feature.

We only take on a certain amount of customers each season to maintain the highest quality of service-  that we pride ourselves on today.

How do we do it?

 Through 35+ years of being in the lawn care industry, David Hedges-Gower our company owner knows anything and everything about caring for all kinds of lawns.

He is the UK’s Leading Lawn Expert and has helped educate thousands of people on the importance of the one plant that covers around 20% of the earths surface and with nearly 12,000 species of grass it really is one of the biggest aspects of our environment today.



"We need to clean out your lawn to allow it to grow strongly again. This means working on the entire structure of your lawn, not just the surface; and it requires expert skill and the very best equipment."

David Hedges-Gower

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David Hedges-Gower is the UK’s leading lawn expert; and he absolutely loves lawns! Ever since his teenage days as as enthusiastic golfer David has been obsessed by lawns and their many different roles in our lives.

Amazingly, he also found time to write a fantastic new book on Modern Lawn Care to extend his love for and knowledge of the topic to everybody.

The first and authoritative guide to lawn care for over 40 years.


Lawn Solutions was founded in 2003 by David Hedges-Gower, the author of 'Modern Lawn Care'  to find out more about it click here.

“…comprehensive, enjoyable, practical… packed with thoughtful insight, tips and wisdom… the only lawn book you will ever need!”



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